Core Website Service

Grow your business with a DirectNorth core website — a custom-designed, written, and developed responsive website that will give your small business or startup a professional, optimized online presence quickly and affordably.

Make Your Small Business Look Big

DirectNorth specializes in affordable web design services for growth-minded businesses. A team of professionals is assigned to your project to execute strategy, sitemap, copywriting, web design and development. Your new website is custom designed, not built from a template. Your complete custom website will be up and running in about five weeks!

The DirectNorth team has carefully crafted and launched hundreds of successful B2B and B2C websites since our start in 2013. We maintain a BBB-accredited A+ rating with over 100 full-time team members and multiple locations. DirectNorth is firmly positioned to help you achieve your business goals.

Benefits of a Custom Core Website

DirectNorth is the ideal affordable web design company for owner-operated startups and small-to-midsized organizations.

Quick Website Creation

Your new custom website will be live in five weeks, allowing you to see results much more quickly than you could ever have imagined!

Affordable Solution

Our core website service offering keeps the price affordable. You get the pages and features you need to get your website up and running quickly at a low price.

Marketing Foundation

Your website is the foundation of all your marketing campaigns. The branding and messaging we deliver form the basis of your digital strategy.

Increase Revenue

A good user experience and high-quality, engaging content will help your new website attract your targeted audience and increase revenue.

Reach New Customers

The way to reach new customers is through a strong online presence, which requires a website designed and written with usability and conversion in mind.

Improve Credibility

Every organization needs a professional website to build or improve credibility. Establishing legitimacy is paramount and sets you apart from your competition.

A few of the brands that trust their image to the team at DirectNorth:The Joint Commission Logo

The Perfect Fit for Your Company

High-quality content is a key driver in boosting credibility, conversions and success in ongoing marketing campaigns, and no agency has a deeper and more talented staff of content creators and marketers than DirectNorth. Plus, we stay on top of the latest design trends, techniques and strategies so we bring your fast web design vision to life in a way that is visually impressive, user friendly, easy to understand, simple to navigate and focused on driving conversions.

Improving your website’s conversion rate increases the number of sales leads your website generates. Factors such as design, content, images and navigation affect the conversion rate, and we deliver a high-quality user experience with the right blend of persuasion and motivation. Our affordable web design agency does it all with a collaborative process that allows for open communication and flexibility while we coordinate the many complex tasks.

Building a Custom Website in Five Weeks

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3! Provide your deliverables, review your new website and launch.


After an introductory call, you complete a questionnaire and submit deliverables so we can understand your objectives and develop a website strategy.

Site Structure

Based on deliverables, your target audience, UI/UX best practices, we create a sitemap that defines the foundation for your new website.

Custom Design

We design the home and interior pages to show you the color, imagery, styling and interpretive brand elements of your new website.

Expert Copywriting

For each page, your designated copywriter produces text for the body content, heading tags and a meta description tag. All content is proofread by professional editors.


Upon completion of the design phase, our developers utilize your sitemap, content and design to build out your website into fully functioning pages.

Rapid Launch

We push the final version of the website to the production server, provide you with the DNS changes required for launch and you’re ready for take-off!