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Conference Lead Generation

How Many times a Year Do You Exhibit at a Conference
Spend Tons of Money and Come Away with Cold Leads?
Our Process Will Make Your Conferences Financially Rewarding!

What is Conference Lead Generation?

    Strong lead generation programs rely on quick turnarounds and speedy responses. We can help you improve your sales funnel so that you can quickly reach out to leads and close sales. We do this by providing the following services on your behalf:

    • Pre-Conference introductions with potential Clients, Prospects, and Investors.
    • Face-to-Face Meetings during the event
    • Post-event meeting scheduling and follow-up
    • Monthly Lead Generation in between conferences

    Our Seven Step Process

    Step 1

    Worldwide Target Conference Search and Selection

    We research, review, and deliver a comprehensive, unbiased report of all available “best fit” conferences for your target audience.

    Step 2

    Identify Attendees and Define Ideal Client Profile

    Everything starts with the Ideal Client Profile or ICP. As a core part of every service that we provide, DirectNorth develops for its clients a bespoke ICP that is constantly refined for success.

    A good ICP is the cornerstone of the sales intelligence smart organizations need to close more business. Our average ICP describes the target buyer in great detail, and contains 10 data elements per contact.

    Step 3

    Research ICP Prospects

    There’s much more science to it now than there was a few years ago now that the internet has opened up new, creative ways to prospect. There are many segmented ways to obtain targeted B2B sales lead data, including:

    • Demographic (e.g. Name, Title, Age)
    • Geographic (Location)
    • Firmographic (e.g. Size of company, Revenues, Industry)
    • Technographic (e.g. Types of Technology Used, Bought, Platforms)
    • Psychographic (e.g. Likes, Affinities)
    • Social Graph (e.g. Connections, Introductions, Followers)
    • Trigger Events (e.g. Promotion, New Job, Funding, Acquisition)
    Step 4

    Outreach Template Creation & Tool Setup

    Over 30% of conversations happen after the third attempt. Our sequences provide you with more followup’s to increase your chances of getting to that conversation.

    We send prospects through the specific cadence of touch points, which helps standardize the sales process and gives you analytics to pinpoint what’s going right and where we can improve.


    Step 5

    Launch Campaign


    Step 6

    Schedule Face-to-face Meetings

    We have had our face-to-face policy in place for more than twenty years, and even during lean years, we have never reconsidered this tactic. By starting the majority of our client journeys with a personal, in-depth meeting, we set the tone for how we continue. And based on feedback from our clients and the number of referrals we receive, it always works.

    Step 7

    Weekly Campaign Report and Post Conference Reporting

    We look beyond traditional vanity metrics and are digging into engagement trends that look at the health of their email outreach and performance of the campaigns and segments. This allows us to gain valuable insights that shape our evolving email marketing strategies.

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